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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Doing Google Adsense the Right Way

By Vivek Saxena

Building a Successful Adsense Website

Getting Rich With Adsense

Everybody wants to know the secret to earning lots of income off the net. The secret is adsense. With adsense, you don't have to deal with all the typical business problems such as staff, customer service and conflict resolution. So how do you do it?

Well, it's all common sense. If you can develop a fairly simple online website, then you possess the capability to reap profits from Google Adsense. All you have to do is just apply some simple toolss to your website creation process to completely maximize your earning potential with Google Adsense.

These simple tools are:

1. Ad design and placement

2. Determining niche markets

3. Maintaining high volume<

4. Driving high traffic

I will now discuss each one of those concepts briefly.

Ad design and placement - The best place to position your ads is and will always be the TOP of your page! In addition, modify the ads so that their colors blend well with your website colors. A standard ad uses a blue title with black text and URL. Also, I personally don't recommend placing borders around your ads. You want the ads to look as normal on the page as everything else.

Determining niche markets - There are certain keywords that can actually produce up to $45 to $55 per click. The problem is that the market for these keywords is small and the competition in advertising is intense. The best markets to work within are those with the least competition. I recommend using a $.50-$1.50 per click keyword and filling your site with lots of content.

Maintaining high volume - The bigger your site, the more pages that you will have indexed within all the search engines out there. The alternative to this is building a lot of sites with few pages. Either way, you want to look towards having 20,000+ pages if you want to make some real profit. The key here is to make sure you get all your sites indexed with search engines like google and yahoo. Essentially, the people making the big bucks typically have lots of web sites. Oftentimes, they utilize specialized software to create their sites. Creating many sites manually is very time-consuming. I recommend Website Article Wizard. It is great at producing high quality websites filled with useful content.

Traffic - You can have a thousand sites. If none of them are generating traffic, you won't make a dime. No visitors means zero people clicking on your ads. So not only do you have to build a site, but you have to market it and get it on other websites, like Ezine!

Following the above steps will help you slowly build an income with Google Adsense. Yes, it is time-consuming. However, there are a variety of tools available to help you significantly speed up the process. But, if you must, build it manually! Everything takes hard work.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Google Adsense: Still A Good Income Opportunity

By Robert Thatcher

If you are Internet marketing savvy, hopefully you are familiar with an advertising program called Google AdSense. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about Google AdSense and how to personally implement Google AdSense to make a profit.

For a website owner, Google AdSense has three main goals:

- To maximize your site's potential profits from Google AdSense with contextually targeted ads.

- Track and manage the results of Google AdSense with online reports.

- To customize Google AdSense to work with the style of your site.

Google AdSense utilizes a pay-per-click program. The Google AdSense ads that are displayed on your site are relevant to your content. Google AdSense can provide ads for all categories and businesses. This is incredibly convenient because Google AdSense does all of your advertiser-relations maintenance for you. Also, Google AdSense is available in a variety of user-friendly languages.

Most importantly, Google AdSense is intuitive. This is due to the extensive research and development they have invested in constantly improving the Google AdSense program. Google AdSense technology understands your website and knows how to provide you the most specific targeted ads for your site.

To participate in Google AdSense, you must adhere to some of their strictly enforced rules. For example, all Google AdSense ads are family-friendly and go through sensitive language filters. In addition, you can block competitive ads and choose your own defaults. All links on your site must be active and there is a limit of 100 links per page. Google AdSense does not allow concealed pages or hidden text. This means you can't have unreadable text or text that blends into your background. Google AdSense will ban your site if you use these techniques.

Besides the Google AdSense advertisements, you can also make some extra money by including a Google search box on your site. The best thing about the search box is that you don't pay anything to have it and it keeps your users on your website for a longer period of time! This allows for more potential clicks on Google AdSense links.

You can also customize Google AdSense for your site. Google AdSense allows you to customize your colors and templates, the search results pages and your reports. This is a great feature because it easily allows you to analyze where your Google AdSense profits are coming from. This is broken down into how many ads were shown, the quantity of clicks on the ads and the page click-through rates.

How much money you are able to make from Google AdSense all depends on how much traffic your site gets each day. Google AdSense has a quick and easy online application process. The best part for you is that it costs nothing to set up, and you don't have to worry about maintaining anything! Google AdSense allows you flexibility: no time-based contracts.

Hopefully, you now understand how Google AdSense works. Your website can benefit from getting started with the Google AdSense program. Check out other websites and see how they are using Google AdSense to their advantage. You can definitely make a profit with Google AdSense if you customize your options to suit your site and adhere to the program's rules. Don't wait any longer! Get Google AdSense for your website now!

The Google Adsense-Adwords Automatic Money Machine

By Jan Sepstrup

Have you ever tried to make money through affiliate programs using Google Adwords?

Then you know it's not easy. Some say that only 2-3 out of 10 affiliate Adwords campaigns will actually make a profit.

But what if you could get your Adwords campaigns for free, or even make a little profit from using Adwords for promoting affiliate programs.

Actually you can get your Adwords campaigns for free if you combine your Adwords campaigns with Google Adsense.

With Google Adsense you place small ads on your own web-page, hoping that people will click on these ads. When someone clicks on a Google ad on your web-site, you make money.

The normal approach to making money with Google Adsense is to have thousands of pages with Google ads, but you can successfully make money with Google Adsense with just one page.

That's right - one page!

1. Step

All you have to do is find niches, where people pay several dollars to get the top position in the Google ads. You can use Overture's bidtool to find high priced niche keywords.

2. Step

Next step is to build your one-page Google Adsense money machine. Find a free article in one of the article directories and set up a page with your keyword targeted article and three Adsense ad blocks. Use small Adsense blocks, that only shows the top three high priced ads.

3. Step

Last step is to set up a Google Adwords campaign with that niche keyword (and related keywords) - but you only bid 5 cents!

Now sit back and watch the magic. People click on your 5-cent ad and come to your one-page-Adsense website. They read your article - and some of them will click on the high priced ads on your page. Bingo! - you've made a small profit.

Nothing much, maybe a one dollar profit a day. My first Google Adsense 'Money Machine' is generating a profit of 2-3 dollars a day - that's at least $730 a year for just one page.

Want to make more money with your one-page-money-machine?

Find an affiliate program in that niche, and put your affiliate link on the page. Some of your visitors will click the Google ads and some will click on your affiliate link. What ever they do, you win!

Now you've got your Google Adwords campaign for free or you're even making a small profit with your Google Adwords-Adsense money machine. At the same time you're marketing your niche affiliate program.

Final advice

Don't use this technique in the 'Internet Marketing' market place - it's much to crowded. Use your imagination and find niches like laser hair removal, wheel chairs, cell phone, homeowners loan etc.

Take action - and go find some money making niche keywords.